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India being one of the fastest-growing economies in the world with a huge population of youth is an ideal market for the Cosmetic industry. Origo offers cosmetic services related to Research and Formulation development, Product registration in India and Product categorization in India.

1. Research and Formulation development services include • Literature search for feasibility and scalability of the proposed product • Selection of cosmetic category • Ingredient selection and ingredient procurement process • Strategy for formulation development of identified product • Selection of physicochemical evaluation tests (such as viscosity, spreadability, scratch test, pay-off test, heavy metals restricted colours and chemicals, microbiological tests, skin irritation and sensitivity studies) • Stability study evaluation • Packaging and labelling

2. Product registration in India • Support for CDSCO-based registration process for cosmetic products in India • Checking compliance with Indian regulations for the registration, import and marketing of cosmetics

3. Product categorization in India • Evaluation and categorization of proposed cosmetic product as per appropriate regulations • Re-categorizing the product in categories based on label claim, use claim

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