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Origo Enterprises embodies Dr. Sandeep Kachhwaha’s vision of providing comprehensive support throughout the various stages of pharmaceutical product development.

Our services encompass:

  • Formulation development and seamless technology transfer

  • Expert handling of regulatory inquiries

  • Establishment and optimization of R&D laboratories and manufacturing plants

  • Root cause analysis, CAPA implementation, and effective troubleshooting

  • Planning and execution of Bioequivalence (BE) studies

  • Technical Due Diligence

  • Facilitation of in-licensing and out-licensing of dossiers and cutting-edge technologies

  • Crafting and implementing successful marketing strategies for products

  • Conducting audits on behalf of clients to ensure compliance and quality

  • Providing tailored training solutions to pharmaceutical companies

Origo Enterprises is committed to assisting you in delivering products to the market with the trifecta of quality, speed, and affordability.

Why us?


Strong team of subject matter experts


Well-versed with deep intricacies of formulation development, R&D lab and plants, regulatory requirements


Customized approach on case to case basis


Excellent problem solving skills


Stringent timeline based work

Founder of Origo Enterprises: Dr Sandeep Kachhwaha

Key person

Dr. Sandeep Kachhwaha

Founder & Director

Sandeep's illustrious career spans over 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry, marked by tenures at prestigious organizations such as Intas, Dr. Reddy’s, Laurus Labs, and Concord Biotech. Holding a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Pune, he boasts extensive expertise in Research & Development, Technology Transfer, Project Management, and Regulatory Affairs.

His professional journey includes serving as the Head of Formulation Development at Ancare NZ (now Boehringer Ingelheim NZ), where he spearheaded the development of pharmaceutical products for companion and large animals.


Sandeep's contributions extend beyond the laboratory, with numerous publications and patents to his credit. Renowned for his innovative approach to formulation development, he thrives on transforming ideas into tangible pharmaceutical solutions.

Sandeep's specialization lies in generic dosage form development across a spectrum of therapeutic areas, encompassing Strategy Development, Product Development, Process Scale-Up, and Regulatory Filings for multiple regulated markets. Noteworthy achievements include the successful handling of various oral solid dosage forms, oral liquids, sterile dosage forms, and topical dosage forms, including those containing Hormones, Steroids, and Cosmetics.

He has led projects at both national and international levels, focusing on formulation development, liposomes, injectables, and the design of R&D facilities and manufacturing plants. Sandeep's adeptness in navigating regulatory audits from esteemed bodies such as the USFDA, EU-GMP, MHRA (UK), and other regulatory authorities underscores his commitment to compliance and quality.

Leveraging his wealth of experience and expertise, Sandeep offers invaluable support in handling regulatory queries, developing R&D labs and pharmaceutical plants, conducting root cause analysis, troubleshooting, and project management.



To become the leading guiding force in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide, revolutionizing it with innovation and expertise. We aim to empower professionals to realize their potential, shaping the future of pharmaceuticals with excellence and inspiration.

To drive innovation and excellence in the pharmaceutical industry through tailored consulting services. We empower clients to navigate challenges, achieve regulatory compliance, and deliver life-changing therapies, fostering global health improvement.


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